I4L Conference

When: Friday September 7th, 08:30-17:00h
Where: Scandic Sydhavnen, Sydhavnens plads 15, 2450 Kbh.

Supported by the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond), the IT University-based project invites leaders to participate in the I4L conference, with intriguing talks on topics such as digital leadership, communication, innovation and various forms of interaction.
The day will be a great opportunity for insights on the trends and challenges within today’s leadership, with enough time to discuss and to network.




8.30-9.00                Welcome & breakfast

9.00-9.30                Intro to the conference
Jens-Christian Godskesen, Prorektor IT-University, Ole Østrup, Industry Foundation, Alexander Richter, Associate Professor IT-University & Lene Nielsen, Associate Professor IT-University

9.30-10.25              “Leading change in the Tech storm”
Camilla Gad Krogsgaard, Managing director, ALSO Denmark

10.25-11.00            “I4L – The project and its results”
Hanne Westh Nicolajsen, Associate Professor IT-University & Raluca Stana, Ph.D. student IT-University

11.00-11.20            Coffee break

11.20-12.05            “The human side of digital collaboration”
Raul Cordero, Director of Global Service Delivery Management, Pandora

12.05-12.50            “Empowering global employees – How to grow your business with Social Collaboration”
Sandra Patricia Røntved Jensen, Carlsberg Global Business Services

12.50-13.45             Lunch break

13.45-14.30            “How Emotion AI drives Innovation - a new era of how humans live together with machines”
Marco Maier, Head of Artificial Intelligence, HYVE & Managing director, Tawny

14.30-15.15            “Planning, Communicating, & Measuring Digital Campaigns”
Jennifer Dooley, Social Change Expert

15.15-15.35            Coffee break

15.35-16.30           “Data-driven leadership – The big fight between intuition and facts”
Oliver Müller, Associate Professor IT-University

16.30-17.00           Wrap up & Farewell


Jens Christian Godskesen

Prorektor, IT-University

Ole Østrup

Industry Foundation

Alexander Richter

Associate Professor IT-University

Lene Nielsen

Associate Professor, IT-University

     Camilla Gad Krogsgaard

Managing director, ALSO Denmark





Hanne Westh Nicolajsen

Associate Professor, IT University

Raluca Stana

Ph.D. student IT-University

Raluca Stana, Project Manager, Ph.D. Fellow

Raul Cordero

Director of Global Service Delivery Management, Pandora

Sandra Patricia Røntved Jensen

Carlsberg Global Business Services

Marco Maier

Head of Artificial Intelligence, HYVE & Managing director, Tawny

Jennifer Dooley

Social Change Expert

Oliver Müller

Associate Professor IT-University

Contact and more details

Remember to sign up for the conference at the link. 

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and we will gladly answer these (I4L@itu.dk).