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The I4L program will provide its participants with access to state-of-the-art in digital innovation. Leaders will gain inspiration to lead exceptionally in a digital economy. Participants will through a workshop series learn about the vast opportunities inherent in embracing digital innovation in leadership. I4L aims to be the blueprint workshop package by providing leaders with a program anchored in a strong combination of practical examples and research-based insights.

Our Mission


I4L’s workshop series is developed by a strong group of researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). ITU is the smallest university in Denmark, with a strong tradition of interdisciplinary research. ITU prides itself in being a university with a soaring mission to create exceptional value with IT and a vision of creating and sharing knowledge leading to groundbreaking information technology and services to benefit humanity.The Danish Industry foundation is a founding partner of the I4L project. It works towards developing and supporting innovative and economically sustainable projects focusing on knowledge, competency acquisition, entrepreneurship, innovation and globalization. Visit the Danish Industry Foundation’s website to learn more about the foundation.

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